Cuala Organisation

Coiste 2018

The central governing body of the Club is the Coiste (“Committee”) comprising up to 15 Members elected at the Club AGM or subsequently co-opted to fill vacancies.  The authority of the Coiste is defined in the club’s Constitution . In addition to their formal representative and officer roles, members of the Coiste typically takes on additional responsibilities for leading club programmes or projects.


Chairperson:  Damian McKeown,       086 3855133

Vice-Chairperson: Declan Cronin,

Secretary: Paddy Murdock,  


Childrens’ Officer (1): Joanne Wylde  087 6111908

Registrar: Leo Moore,


Webmaster:  Michael 087 2266140


Games Representatives

Adult Football : Brian Mullally

Adult Hurling:

Ladies: Donal Dunne

Minors & U16: Mike Beary

Juvenile Boys: Brian Grant

Juvenile Girls: Michael Walsh



Other Members:



Club Administration, Development & Achievements

In addition to its normal day-to-day work – overseeing routine tasks in and around the Club – the Coiste play an important role in developing strategic initiatives such as planning, improving facilities, facilitating growth and other special initiatives. You’ll notice that Work in these areas has been divided into a range of Work Programmes under various Coiste member .

A great deal of work gets done “behind the scenes” across all sections of the Club to ensure Cuala is organisationally and financially equipped for the challenges that it faces. It is important to acknowledge that the vast majority of this work was completed by Cuala members giving willingly and freely of their time. We are deeply appreciative of their efforts and support.

Another vital element of our support comes from businesses of all shapes and sizes who recognise Cuala’s unique place the community and who generously provide support for teams, prevents and other projects. We urge all members and supporters to review our list of Corporate & Team Sponsors

Cuala members are welcome to contact Coiste if you need assistance or information about any aspect of the Club. Most importantly, there is a role for everybody in our Club projects and all offers of help will be warmly received. If you are interested in helping with any of the areas outlined or if you have expertise or ideas that you think will be of benefit to Cuala, please don’t hesitate to contact any member of the Coiste. You dont have to be a member of Coiste to participate in or lead a club project.



The Assets of the Club are vested in its Trustees. These are

  • Colmán O’Drisceoil (Cuala nominee)
  • Ciaran Irwin (Cuala nominee),
  • Mikey Sheanon (Cuala nominee),
  • John Costello (Dublin County Board nominee)
  • Michael Delaney (Leinster Council nominee)

Club President

There is a long tradition in Cuala of recognising a lifetime’s contribution of outstanding service to the Club by appointing a Club President. This is a very important role which is reserved for a member who not only earned the position through a lifetime’s service to Cuala but someone who still embodies everything that is best in the Club. In April 2017, this honour was awarded to our Fourth President, John Sheanon.

Previous incumbents were Rev. Fr. McCann P.P. Sallynogin, Tom Holden, Jimmy Doyle

Sports & Social Integration Project

Cuala’s Sports and Social Integration Project is a Government-supported project, funded under the Young People’s Facilities and Service Fund. The Project is managed by Damien Byrne who has many years experience of sports management, health promotion and community development. The S.S.I.P. works alongside the GPO and the Cuala Coaching Department to deliver a combined approach to developing Gaelic Games and fostering healthy attitudes amongst young people towards sports in a wide area including Shankill, Loughlinstown, Ballybrack, Mounttown, Sallynoggin and Dún Laoghaire.

Games Promotion Officer

Our GPO, Barry Burke, is appointed by Central GAA to promote and develop Gaelic Games in the Cuala area. He works closely in collaboration with the Coaching Department and Games Committees


Youth & Coaching Development Officer

People_Fitz_Ken_2014 (132x150)KenFitzgerald was appointed to this role in 2010. He is responsible for ensuring that the programmes set out by the Coaching Committee are delivered within the Club and its partner schools. These programmes cover a wide spectrum of activities including co-ordination of Holiday Camps, delivery of Drug Education & Youth Health Programmes, promoting healthy lifestyles and training & Development of Cuala coaches


Games Administration

Day-to-day administration of games falls under one of many Team Committees under the direction of 6 Games Sections whose boundaries are determined by gender and age (see chart)

A special ‘seat’ at Coiste is reserved for each Games Sections  and these are filled by “Games Representatives” who are elected, by all club members, at the overall Club AGM.  The nominees are typically those identified by their respective Games Sections at their local AGMs –

Activities and news of the Games Sections can be reviewed using the top Menu.