2018 A.G.M Motions and Nominations

The following motions have been put forward for the 2018 Cuala A.G.M which will take place on Tuesday 11th  December at 7:30 p.m.

Venue:   Royal Marine Hotel
Attendance: Open to “Full ” members whose Annual Subscriptions were paid before 1 Mar 2018.


Motion 2018/01

That the incoming Coiste

a) take steps to update the Club Constitution so as to better align it with the prevailing recommendations and requirements of its affiliated National Governing Bodies


b) that its resulting proposals be presented for approval to a General Meeting of Members in accordance with Rules J1 & J2 of the existing constitution.

Rationale: The current Club Constitution is long overdue an upgrade to bring it in line with GAA, LGFA & CA recommendations.

Whilst there are currently no significant areas of conflict between Cuala’s rules and the various NGB’s recommendations, it is nevertheless desirable to have our rules and documentation fully aligned in the interests of good club governance and maintaining proper relationships with NGBs.

Proposed By: Damian McKeown, Chairman

Seconded  By: Patrick Murdock, Runaí

Motion 2018/02

Cuala GAA club appoint BKR & Co as club auditors for 2019.

Proposed By: Barbara O’Reilly, Treasurer

Seconded  By: Damian McKeown, Chairman.

Motion 2018/03

That the gender of football teams be included on all club platforms including, but not limited to social media, the club website, club newsletters, match reports and all official and unofficial mediums of communication within the club and during Cuala activities such as coiste meetings, social occasions etc.

Rationale: The convention is Cuala is that the men’s football team and individual players are deemed to be the default football team and footballers within the club. However, this convention is not fair to adult female players. Not only that but it sends the wrong message to younger female players, parents and to the wider community. Words matter, and the unconscious and incorrect use of the terms reflects a broader culture that we should be moving to change, not perpetuating.

Proposed By: Katie O’Dea

Seconded  By: Siobhan Murphy


The following Nominations have been received for election to  An Coiste at the A.G.M.  on Tuesday 11th December –



Proposed by

Seconded by


Damian McKeown

Adrian Dunne

Patrick Murdock


Declan Cronin

Damian McKeown

Barbara O’Reilly


Patrick Murdock

Peadar McAdam

Adrian Dunne


Barbara O’Reilly

Derek Dunne

Brian Mullally


Leo Moore

Damian McKeown

Joanne Wyle

Children officer

Joanne Wylde           

Patrick Murdock

Adrian Dunne