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Féile glory – 40 years on

It hardly seems that long ago but this year marks the fortieth anniversary of Cuala’s most successful Féile campaign. This is the one and only (so far!) Cuala team to ever win the Dublin Féile. In 1974, the lads went on to represent Dublin in the National Féile which was held in Limerick that year

Gaelic Sport in Eblana – Frank Hayes recalls great school days

Cartlann Digiteach Cuala is mindful of the great support Cuala and its ancestral clubs received from local schools. All the more so when some of those schools, like CBS Eblana in Dún Laoghaire is no longer with us. So we were thrilled when Joe McCann showed us a copy of “St Michaels CBS 1856 – 1992” a souvenir publication to mark the closing of that great institution in 1992