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New Consultation & Substitution Rules

New Rules governing Referee consulation and player substitution will be be implemented in all Football & Hurling competitions from 14th May. Referees can now consult neutral Umpires and Linesmen. Substitutions can now be made during frees and sideline restarts.

New Football Square Ball Rule

New Football Playing Rules will be be implemented in all Football competitions from 14th May.
Except for “Set Play”, a player may now enter the small rectangle once the final deliberate play of the ball has been made . . . .

U16 Hurlers win Championship AGAIN !!!

U16A Hurlers won the Division 1 Championship Final on Saturday when they beat Ballyboden St. Endas in the St Peregrines by a score of 1-16 to 1-05.  What a great achievement this is as they also won the Div 1…