Childrens Officers

Cuala GAA Club is fully committed to creating and maintaining the safest possible environment for all young people who participate in our activities. We do our utmost to take all practicable steps to safeguard children from any discernable forms of abuse, harm, discrimination or degrading treatment and we respect their rights, wishes and feelings. Cuala has, as required under the GAA Our Games – Our Code Guidelines, a designated Children’s Officer and a Designated Liaison Officer (details below) whose appointments are central to the Clubs policy on Child Welfare. We would ask everyone involved with the club to support and cooperate with them in their important duties.

Children’s Officer: Joanne Wylde 0  087 6111908 +

Designated Liaison Officer:  Zita MacDermott  087 2235677


Garda Vetting Procedure

NB: Cuala cannot facilitate paper-based applications. Please follow these steps for the fastest possible on-line result.

eVetting involves TWO distinct submissions, one to Cuala, the other to Garda National Vetting Bureau.

A: Confirm your ID directly to Cuala


A1: Download & Print the ID Form
A2: Scan/Photo your Photo ID (see ID Form for acceptable documents)
A3: Scan/Photo your Proof of Address (see form for acceptable documents)
A4: Complete  and sign the ID Form (from A1) and Scan/Photo it.
A5: eMail THREE attachments to
Photo ID (from Step A2)
Proof of Address (from Step A3)
Completed ID Form (from Step A4)


B: Apply for Vetting to the Garda National Vetting Bureau.

B1: Apply for an on-line Vetting Form
B2: When you are sent the link (it’ll be from, complete the on-line Vetting Application

Your vetting status will be advised to you AND to Cuala. (Cuala will never be given any details from your Garda Application)



If you are –

  • a Juvenile member who is worried about your treatment within the Club
  • an adult member or parent who has concerns about the welfare of a child

you are urged to contact the Childrens Officer.  You can be assured you will be dealt with professionally and in the strictest confidence.

If you have a child welfare or protection concern relating to activities beyond the Club, you should contact the Designated Liaison Officer  who has direct contact  with your local HSE Children and Family Services Duty Social Worker.