Cuala’s membership year runs from Jan to Dec.  Annual Subscriptions fall due on 1 Jan.

Payment can only be made on-line using our payment partner, ClubForce

Payment of Subscriptions is subject to –

Players cannot be registered with the National Governing Associations (GAA, Ladies Football,Camogie) until their subscriptions are paid. Unregistered members are not insured and Cuala cannot allow uninsured members to coach, train with or play for the club.

Members are responsible for entering and maintaining their own details (including Eircode) correctly and completely. Your co-operation in this matter is much appreciated.

Click Here to go to ClubForce Subscriptions/Registration page

The rate for Family Subscriptions depends on the number of players but is capped at €550 (€490 Early Bird). Family Subscriptions can also be used to cover up to 2 non-playing members.

Where does my Subscription go?

The Annual Subscription is used to contribute towards a wide range of services and activities on and off the field. In 2018, our ‘day-to-day operational’ costs (i.e. not including Capital or Exceptional items) worked out at an average of €416 per player – a huge investment in players of all ages in all codes.



As you can see, Player Subscriptions on their own do not cover the full costs.  We rely on non-playing Members, Fundraisers and Sponsorship to make up the difference.


Money tendered by anyone who is not already a member of the club will be accepted and treated as a donation – pending their Application for Membership being processed. On admission as a Member,  any sums previously paid will be credited against Annual Subscription due.